Puppy Application

Name______________________________Date___________________ Address____________________________________________________________ City__________________________State________Zip______________ Home Phone (____)_____________ Email_________________________ Purchase Price_______________Deposit $400 (non-refundable) Once your application is accepted, your check will be cashed and your name placed on our waiting list. If your application is rejected, your check will be returned. Please answer the following questions to help us know more about you and what kind of puppy you want. I would prefer a MALE_______ FEMALE________ EITHER________ My reason for this preference_________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ SIZE_______________________COLOR_______________________ If there is not a puppy available that is your sex preference or color preference, or if there are not enough puppies born in the litter you are waiting for, are you willing to switch sex______ or color___________ (please indicate alternate), or wait until next litter________________???? Are all the adults in the home interested and involved in the pup?_________ Do you have children?_______________ Does/Do your job/s allow you/spouse/other adult/older child to come home mid-day for a new puppy? ____________________________________________________ Who referred you to Degana Poodles?______________________________ Please give a reference name and phone number (someone who knows you & how you are with dogs)._______________________________________ Your Veterinarian’s name?_____________________PH#(____)__________ Your Groomer’s name?______________________PH#(____)____________ Do you understand that this puppy would be a companion dog, so you would spay or neuter between 7-12 months of age?____________________ Have you ever owned a dog before?________ If yes, please answer the following questions, if not skip to * What kind of dog?____________________ How long did you have it?_____________________ Have you ever owned a dog and decided you either could not or did not want to keep it?__________________ If yes, why?___________________________________________________ *Explain why you want a poodle. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Have you read any books about raising or training dogs?_____ If yes, which ones?_________________________________________________________ Do you have a fenced yard?______________________________ Where will the new puppy live?___________________________ How do you plan to exercise the puppy?____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Please give a brief description of your family life-style, and how you plan to incorporate a dog into your life.________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you plan on training your dog?________ For what? Obedience______Hunting______Therapy______Show______ Companion_______ Will you train the dog yourself?_________________________________ Please describe your “dream” dog and what its personality would be like. (For example: calm mellow, spunky, playful…) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ We recommend: 1. A #400 Airline Kennel or its Wire Equivalent in Size for our Standard Poodles as an aid in housebreaking and as your dog’s “bed”. 2. Hard rubber toys, or Nyla bones. We do Not recommend rawhide chews as these will soften and may become lodged in the throat. 3. That tennis balls be used under supervision. 4. 8-10 weeks  Basic Obedience Training for all of our puppies. This helps you get control and focus their minds at an early age (6-9 months). 5. Contacting a groomer before you bring home the new puppy. Please return this application to Degana Poodles, and you will be contacted for an appointment to come out and see the dogs and visit with us. Thank you for contacting us! Degana Poodles Tom & Anne Dege 16415 590th Ave. Litchfield, MN 55355 (320)221-3219 anne@deganapoodles.com

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